Ielts speaking topics: food and drink

In this lesson you will nhận xét IELTS speaking part 1 tips and learn some key vocabulary by reading some sample answers for IELTS speaking part 1 questions. Make sure khổng lồ take note of any phrases or words you want to lớn remember!

Answer và expand (give more information).Don’t repeat the vocabulary in the question, if possible. (Use synonyms)Include different tenses & structures when expandingDon’t rush through your answer. Focus on making your communication clear rather than speaking as fast as you can.Use some idiomatic vocabulary và phrasal verbs.

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If I’m honest = lớn be honestI would have to lớn say = lớn tell you the truthbecome more aware of = to lớn learn more aboutconvenient = easyto opt for = lớn choosea wide range of = many different kinds ofmetropolitan = a very large city or area of developmentcuisines = a more formal word for foods.independent restaurants = Family owned or non-chain outlets.

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I"m not a big fan of = I don’t really likeI would argue = I strongly believe thatsuperior to lớn = better thanculinary = of or for cooking (related to the making of food)
If I’m honest, I would have khổng lồ say that I never used to eat very healthy food, but in the past few years I’ve become more aware of what I eat & what healthy and unhealthy habits I have. Sometimes, though, fast food is just so convenient, & I live a busy life, so I often opt for the easy choice rather than the correct choice.
There are a wide range of foods available in my city, as I live in a large metropolitan area where it"spossible lớn sample cuisines from around the world. Personally, I prefer eating fresh, local food in independent restaurants near to my workplace & home. I’m not a big tín đồ of chain restaurants lượt thích McDonalds.

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Hmm…well…I would most definitely say that Pho is the most popular food from my country, as its famous around the world! There are plenty of culinary delights that my country offers though, some of which I would argue are superior lớn Pho, at least in my opinion! Two good examples would be Com Tam or Bun Bo Hue.
Apart from that Vietnamese coffee is very famous. Most people here, including myself, drink it on daily-basis. It is sweeter và stronger than typcial western coffees. I always think it tastes lượt thích chocolate!