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sobc2020: SOB Conference 2020 - Contemporary Issues in Banking & Finance: sustainability, Fintech & uncertainties
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Submission deadlineJune 15, 2020


Concerning the COVID-19 outbreaks as the global emergency

We are being committed to vì chưng what is the best for the public health in the context of COVID-19 outbreaks across many countries. Therefore, we totally understand the restrictions of travelling & direct interaction within the crowded area. In doing so, we are going to lớn offer & provide two options: onsite and offsite presentation and discussion in SOBC2020. Please feel không tính phí to submit your manuscript and take the online presentation if you feel comfortable và safe at home. Your health và comfort are our main priority at this moment.

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Our conference is the first conference in University of Economics Ho chi Minh thành phố to make every efforts to lớn build up the smooth và stable system so as to support your presentation & discussion currently. Please feel không lấy phí to let us of any constraints you may face with such an online presentation or our system connection. We believe that we are providing the best conditions and comfort lớn your choices. Once again, thank you for considering our conference as your place lớn exchange và share your research interest.

To the people of China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, France, Germany & many countries, of course Vietnam, which are suffering with COVID-19 impacts. Wish you the brighter day ahead. We are with you. Our thoughts are with you.

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Stay healthy.

Contemporary Issues in Banking and Finance: Sustainability, Fintech & Uncertainties

Date: 30-31 July 2020

The first conference hosted by the School of Banking, University of Economics Ho chi Minh thành phố targets to offer an academic diễn đàn for exchanging ideas in the application of theory khổng lồ contemporary issues in banking & finance. This conference brings together academics, practitioners, & policymakers from different countries sharing the same research interest in banking & finance. Contributions with theoretical, empirical, experimental, và comprehensive meta-analysis focus are welcome.

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SOB conference is hosted by the School of Banking, University of Economics Ho đưa ra Minh City và will take place in Ho chi Minh City, Vietnam.