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Week: 1Unit 11: National parksPeriod: 1Lesson 1: ReadingObjectives: By the kết thúc of the lesson, students will be able to:Use vocabulary items related khổng lồ national parks.Guess the meaning of words based on contextsScan for specific information about national parks.Be aware of the environment in national parks.Techniques: matching, gap filling, answering questionsLexical items: VocabularyTeaching aids: textbook, PowerPointDifficulties: students are not quite familiar with the topicSolutions: narrow down the topic và provide them active activitiesProcedures:TimeCONTENTST’STS’(7 minutes)(8 minutes)Warm up: Look at the following pictures & name animals you see (elephants, tiger, monkey)Where bởi they live? (zoos, forests & national parks)New lesson: National parksPre-reading:Can you name some of the national parks in Vietnam you know or hear about? (Cuc Phuong, Nam cat Tien, cát Ba, U Minh, Bach Ma)VOCABULARY:to be located in: to lớn be in a particular placeEx: Ben Thanh market is located in district 1.establish (v) = set uprainforest (n): forest in the tropical regionorphan (n): a child without parents, an animal without mother.orphan (v): to make sb an orphanorphanage (n): home for orphanstoxic (adj) = poisonous2. While reading:TASK 1: Matching based on word guessing. You are required to lớn find the word in the passage that can match with the definition given in task 1.2. Contain 5. Sub- tropical3. Species 6. Contamination4. SurvivalTASK 2: Complete the table belowNational parksCuc PhuongNairobiEvergladesLocationSouth-West of Hanoi, VietnamIn KenyaIn the South-East United StatesSpecial featuresbutterflies, caves, 1000- year- old trees200 sq km rain forestlarge variety of animals và plants.lots of orphaned animals are taken care of.plants và animals from both tropical & temperate zones.toxic levels of chemical in the water.TASK 3: Answering questions by playing a game: Lucky animals (8 animals)(The area of the rainforest in Cuc Phuong National Park) 200 square kmBecause the rainy season is over.They can learn about the habits of animals & how one species is dependent upon another for survival.In the Orphanage and/or abandoned animals are taken care of.Everglades National Park is endangered because of the toxic levels in the water.3. Post-reading:Discussion: What should we vì to protect national parks? Why?Suggested answer:C/ HOMEWORK:Summarize the main points.Assign homework.Asks Ss some guided questionsShow pictures of national parks in Vietnam and other countries in the world as well as their locationElicits some vocabulary items.Asks Ss to lớn read through the passages silently. Hotline on Ss lớn present and explain their answers.Plays a tuy nhiên and aks Ss to pass the 3 given markers to lớn pick 3 random pairs.Divides the class into 4 groupsAsks Ss lớn name their group as their favorite kind of animal.Individual work. Whole class. Individual work. Whole class. Listen. Repeat. Write out.Work individuallyWork in pairs. Read out loud their answers. Use this information for the next task.Group work. The winner group will get a chance lớn present their discussion for the next task.Whole class