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Rihanna>Just gonna stand there & watch me burnBut that"s alright because I lượt thích the way it hurtsJust gonna stand there and hear me cryBut that"s alright because I love the way you lieI love the way you lieI love the way you lieI can"t tell you what it really isI can only tell you what it feels likeAnd right now there"s a steel knifeIn my windpipeI can"t breatheBut I still fightWhile I can fightAs long as the wrong feels rightIt"s like I"m in flightHigh of a loveDrunk from the hateIt"s lượt thích I"m huffing paintAnd I love it the more that I sufferI suffocateAnd right before I"m about to drownShe resuscitates meShe *ing hates meAnd I love itWaitWhere you goingI"m leaving youNo you ain"tCome backWe"re running right backHere we go againIt"s so insaneCause when it"s going goodIt"s going greatI"m SupermanWith the wind in his bagShe"s Lois LaneBut when it"s badIt"s awfulI feel so ashamedI snapWho"s that dudeI don"t even know his nameI laid hands on herI"ll never stoop so low againI guess I don"t know my own strengthYou ever love somebody so muchYou can barely breatheWhen you"re with themYou meetAnd neither one of youEven know what hit "emGot that warm fuzzy feelingYeah them chillsUsed khổng lồ get "emNow you"re getting *ing sickOf looking at "emYou swore you"ve never hit "emNever do nothing lớn hurt "emNow you"re in each other"s faceSpewing venom in your words wordsWhen you spit "emYou pushPull each other"s hairScratch, claw, bit "emThrow "em downPin "emSo lost in the momentsWhen you"re in "emIt"s the rage that took overIt controls you bothSo they say it bestTo go your separate waysGuess that they don"t know yaCause todayThat was yesterdayYesterday is overIt"s a different daySound like broken recordsPlayin" overBut you promised herNext time you"ll show restraintYou don"t get another chanceLife is no Nintendo gameBut you lied againNow you get khổng lồ watch her leaveOut the windowGuess that"s why they gọi it window paneNow I know we said thingsDid thingsThat we didn"t meanAnd we fall backInto the same patternsSame routineBut your temper"s just as badAs mine isYou"re the same as meWhen it comes to loveYou"re just as blindedBaby please come backIt wasn"t youBaby it was meMaybe our relationshipIsn"t as crazy as it seemsMaybe that"s what happensWhen a tornado meets a volcanoAll I know isI love you too muchTo walk away thoughCome insidePick up your bags off the sidewalkDon"t you hear sincerityIn my voice when I talkTold you this is my faultLook me in the eyeballNext time I"m pissedI"ll aim my fistAt the dry wallNext timeThere won"t be no next timeI apologizeEven though I know it"s liesI"m tired of the gamesI just want her backI know I"m a liarIf she ever tries to *ing leave againI"mma tie her khổng lồ the bedAnd mix the house on fire
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