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TOEFL writing topic – Some people prefer khổng lồ live in a small town. Others prefer khổng lồ live in a big city. Which place would you prefer to live in? Use specific reasons and details to tư vấn youranswer.

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Template A. – – Jordan/ 何家豪

Some people would like to live in a small town because the surroundings could be more picturesque and people are friendlier compared to people in a big city. However, in my opinion, living in a big thành phố is more effective and beneficial based on the following reasons.

First, living in a big city is convenient. Thanks lớn public transportation, any place in a big thành phố is usually accessible. Without driving, you have many options among buses, trains và subway. Taxies are also available almost in very corner of the city. Besides, it is easy to find a restaurant or food stands in your neighborhood within walking distance whenever you are hungry. There are also convenience stores all over, so đô thị residents can buy any stuff easily at any time without bothering to lớn drive to a certain place to get what they need. Convenience is the best what a thành phố can offer while a small town is less likely to.

In addition, a big đô thị provides more education opportunities. The residents have easier access to lớn schools and education resources, so bởi vì they to faculty & advanced facilities. Take teachers for example, they are willing to lớn teach in a big đô thị because of better salary & there are more resources they need available in libraries & related institutes when they want lớn go further to sharpen their teaching skills. Similarly, when children plan to lớn take some talented courses such as piano, art, & the like, a city with more options & business activities is where parents want their children khổng lồ live và grow

Here is another perfect example to lớn illustrate my preference of a city. I used to be a volunteer in an elementary school in a small town. Although the town was lovely & clean, there was some inconvenience caused in the daily life. First, less bus service was provided, so people usually had no choice but to lớn wait long time lớn take the bus. Second, restaurants and food stands were all closed after nine o’clock, so it’s hard to find something khổng lồ eat if you are hungry late in the evening. Lastly, teachers in the elementary school might need to lớn teach many courses with different subjects when necessary because of a lack of faculty, that is, an English teacher could be asked to lớn teach math or science as well. Also, facilities in the classroom and the science lab were old- fashioned. From my observation, people can live peacefully in small town but actually there are more opportunities và availability a big thành phố can offer.

Last but not least, infrastructure & public services are usually prominently featured in a big city. When I want to exercise on a rainy day, I can go to lớn the thể thao center without worrying about places lớn go. In contrast, I might be trapped at home in a small town in the same situation. Besides, public services like medical care and care centers are fully developed for people with a pressing need. Libraries also provide better book circulation & activities khổng lồ cater khổng lồ their readers, which is not very likely to lớn take place in a town with the number of people which is small.

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 For people who lượt thích tranquility và secure, small towns are the best choice. However, for those who prefer economic prosperity, a variety of things lớn do, places to go & activities to lớn join, the better choice is in a big city. I happen lớn be the one who prefers the latter và enjoys the lives in it.


Template B. – – Jessie/ 何孟容

It is crucial to lớn choose a place which suits you lớn live because where you live has influence over the quality of your life & happiness. Compared khổng lồ those who prefer to lớn live in a small town with quiet environment, living in a big city to take advantages of modern conveniences that it can offer is my choice. 

First of all, public transportation system is one of amenities people can benefit from. Big cities usually provide a well-developed transportation network, such as bus, train, subway and airport, so people in the đô thị have very easy access to lớn the vehicles that can help them reach any destination they want to. In contrast, the convenience of public transportation is usually not found in a small town, where people might tend to drive or use other means of vehicles khổng lồ get about. 

Besides, there are more opportunities for either finding a job or taking education. With more population, more jobs are available for everyone to lớn find than those in the countryside. Take where I live for example, although the job market is very competitive, university graduates often move to lớn Taipei, which is the major city in Taiwan. If you need to lớn develop a skill, it is also likely that you will achieve it and then get a job successfully. More importantly, there are also more educational opportunities and a lot of different courses & institutions available. There is always availability of learning something new or developing practical skills in a big city.

Furthermore, cites can provide a variety of entertainment options every day. There is always something fun to vày in a big đô thị to keep people of all different interests from getting bored. Cities provide a lively nightlife, all types of shows, museums and sports games. Additionally, you will be able khổng lồ connect with other people who mô tả the same hobbies in different events.

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While the lifestyle in a small town is less stressful, thành phố lifestyle has a lot of opportunities for people. Personally, I prefer to lớn live in a big đô thị which offers a variety of many options. In the meanwhile, I like the energy & the convenience in a big city. City life can have many positive impacts compared to rural life.