Câu trả lời được xác xắn chứa thông tin đúng mực và đáng tin cậy, được xác nhận hoặc trả lời bởi các chuyên gia, giáo viên hàng đầu của chúng tôi.

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1. ______________ I bought the golden fish.A. It was from this shop thatB. I was from this siêu thị whereC. It was this shop whichD. It was this cửa hàng that2. It was Tom _______ lớn help us.A. ComesB. That comesC. Lớn comeD. Who came3. ____________ the police had rescued from the fire.A. The babyB. The baby thatC. It was the baby whomD. It is the baby whom4. _______________ my parents gave me the fish tank.A. It was on my birthday whenB. It was my birthday on thatC. It was my birthday thatD. It was on my birthday that5. __________ I first met my girlfriend.A. It was in London thatB. It was in London whereC. It was London thatD. It was London which6. ____________ on the phone.A. It is his mother whom isB. It was his mother whom isC. It was his mother who isD. It is his mother who is7. ____________ a high cấp độ of blood cholesterol.A. It is eggs that containB. Those are eggs it containsC. It is eggs that containsD. It is eggs contain8. _______________ England won the World Cup.

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A. It was in 1966 thatB. It was on 1966 thatC. It was in 1966 whenD. It was 1966 in that9. __________________ we all look for.A. That happinessB. It is happiness thatC. Happiness it is thatD. Happiness it is10. ________________ me how to lớn play the drum.A. It was my uncle who taughtB. My uncle who taughtC. It was my uncle taughtD. It is my uncle teaching11. It is Mr Hung ___________ English at my school.A. Who taughtB. Who teachesC. That teachesD. B và c are correct.12. It was my dog __________ neighbors very scared.A. That madeB. Who madeC. Which madeD. That making13. It was me ______________ a lot of toys by my father.A. That gaveB. That was givenC. That were givenD. Who giving14. It was ____________ he gave the whole confidential document.

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A. His wife whomB. Her wife thatC. That his wifeD. Whom his wife15. It is the floor _________ by his wife every evening.A. Which cleanedB. That cleanedC. That were cleanedD. That is cleaned16. It was ___________ my father bought a new car.A. That last SundayB. Last Sunday thatC. Last Sunday whichD. Last Sunday when17. _____________ she sent a postcard.A. It is her friend thatB. It was her friend whichC. It was that her friendD. It was her friend that18. ____________ that we often gather for our study.A. It is at her houseB. It is on her houseC. It is from her houseD. It was at her house19. It was that singer ________ was given a lot of flowers.A. WhichB. WhoD. WhomE. Whose20. _______________ you can kill computer viruses.A. It is by using this software whoB. It is by using this software whichC. It is by using this software thatD. It is of using this software that