Tài Liệu Bài Tập Unit 5 Tiếng Anh 8 Chọn Lọc


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I. Find the word which has different sound in the partunderlined.

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1. A. Wanted B. Washed C. Decided D. Needed2. A. Fun B. Sun C. Surf D. Cut3. A. Leisure B. Eight C. Celebrate D. Penalty4. A. A. Although B. Laugh C. Paragraph D. Enough

II. Choose the best answer.

1. The Gong Festivals is held ____________ in the Central Highlands.A. Year

B. YearlyC. AnnualD. Anually

2. YMoan was the greatest pop singer of the ____________ group in Dak Lak Province.A. Tay ethnic

D. The best

4.Teenagers enjoy listening to lớn music and____________ out with friends.A. Hang

B. To hangC. HangingD. Hangs

5. Life in a small town is ____________ than that in a big city.A. Less peaceful

B. Much more peacefulC. Much peacefulD. Peaceful

6. My mother always tells me that I ___________ be trang chủ by 9 p.m.A. Has to

C. Have not toD. Mustn’t

7. When you eating in India, you_______ use the right hand. Never use the left hand.A. Must

B. ShouldC. Shouldn’tD. Mustn’t

8. ____________ month is the Hoa Ban Festival of the bầu people held in?
A. Which B. When

C. How manyD. However

III. Give the correct form of the words in brackets.

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1. She ____________ wear that costume because it’s the family tradition. (have to)

2. In India, you ______ shake hands with women, especially in rural areas. It’s a taboo.(must)

3. The wai is the __________ greeting of people in Thailand. (tradition)4. In Australia, you mustn’t ___________ on a person’s accent. (comment)

IV. Read & complete the passage with words in the box.

In my opinion; Besides; I think;

My favorite leisure activity is listening to music.(1)_____________, listening khổng lồ music notonly helps me relax but also provides me with musical knowledge. I (2)________ like thetime that I can lie lazily in bed, put on the small earphone with my iPod & enjoy anyfavorite songs of many kinds of music: pop, hip-hop, rock or jazz. I lượt thích pop music verymuch because I think it is gentle and suitable for teenagers. I listen to lớn rock music when I amsad và after that I feel cheerful and happy. (3)________________ music from othercountries is also good for teenagers to understand other cultures. (4)________ that, thelyrics are easy lớn understand và interesting. (5)________, it can improve my English andlistening skills. (6)___________, music is an important part of my life & it helps me lovemy life more.

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V. Read the passage và answer these questions below.

After retiring, my uncle – a lover of the sea- took up a strange leisure activity : he spendsmost mornings at the beach, looking for things that the sea sends ashore. He says: It’s amulti-beneficial leisure activity. I can get some exercise, blending, picking up, và walking.I can breathe the fresh air & enjoy the vastness & quietness of the sea. Sometimes Iwatch the children playing beach games and I feel years younger. At the same time, I canalso clean the beach. It’s volunteer work, isn’t it? Many of the things I pick up from thebeach are still useful to someone. I clean them & sell them at the Sunday flea market inthe town nearby. Vì chưng you know of any leisure activity that pays? Mine does!